At Immunology 2019, Myriad RBM exhibited a poster, “Combining TruCulture® and OptiMAP to Profile Human Immunity.”  It details the immune responses (cytokine/chemokine production as analyzed by OptiMAP) of healthy adults to the most commonly used TruCulture stimulants. These include LPS, SEB, and CD3/CD28.

Flowcytometry analysis of the TruCulture cell pellet showed  that the percent monocytes in whole blood positively correlated to SEB induction of proinflammatory cytokines.

The work demonstrates an efficient and reliable workflow of TruCulture in combination with OptiMAP to investigate target specific immune pathways in human subjects.

TruCulture tubes are designed to capture immune cell activity at the time and place of sample collection. These revolutionary tubes consist of an integrated whole-blood collection and leukocyte culture system. The ex vivo TruCulture procedure preserves physiological cellular interactions to more accurately reflect the complexities of the human immune system, bringing added value to immune monitoring in clinical trials.

TruCulture® OptiMAP is an immunoassay testing panel validated and optimized to quantify the effect of TruCulture stimulations.  It is a cost-effective test comprised of 13 biomarkers that captures the diversity of responses to microbial, viral, and T cell stimulants.

OptiMAP 13 analyte multiplex assay for TruCulture

A total of 106 immune-related biomarkers were tested on TruCulture samples taken from healthy subjects. A careful selection of the key stimulants listed above were used to monitor a wide range of immune response pathways.  From the 106 candidate biomarkers, we selected a subset of 13 assays. These assays were most useful in distinguishing responses to individual stimuli while also revealing population variances.

View the poster here: Combining TruCulture® and OptiMAP to Profile Human Immunity
If you would like more detailed information on TruCulture, you can download our free TruCulture White Paper.