RBM MAP Technology

RBM’s long history of developing and validating assays allows us to provide customers with unmatched expertise in the field of multiplexed immunoassay testing. The RBM MAP technology combines the sensitivity and dynamic range of microsphere-based immuno-multiplexing with the precision and reliability of automated liquid handling. Together these features set RBM apart from other biomarker testing labs by offering high quality, cost-effective immunoassay measurements.

How does our technology work?

Myriad RBM's MAP Technology

Watch this video to learn about RBM’s Multi-Analyte Profile (MAP) platform.

How do we validate assays and process samples?

An Overview of Assay Quality Systems at RBM, Quality Control White Paper By Brian T. Welsh, Ph.D. and James Mapes, Ph.D.

How is our technology applied?

RBM’s services are utilized by researchers and clinicians as a targeted proteomics approach that quantifies selected proteins from key pathways to deliver patterns for complex drug and diagnostic development programs. Our customers have had success discovering useful biomarker patterns in several different therapy areas. Visit our bibliography to learn more about how our clients have applied RBM’s services to help advance their research.

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How does MAP Technology compare with other protein analysis services?

More than a decade of experience combining assays to create optimized multiplexes has resulted in a variety of services that maximize the data delivered per sample volume.

Due to our platform’s robust multiplexing, the RBM MAP Technology delivers more data in less time than other platforms, with results comparable to traditional ELISA assays. The technology offers several other distinct advantages over alternative methods:

High Throughput

Automation of all liquid handling steps supports high throughput sample processing, reduces sample volume requirements and improves reproducibility.


We have enhanced the accuracy of the Luminex platform with the use of multi-level controls in matrix, 8-point standard curves and proprietary blockers designed to reduce matrix effects.


The careful implementation of stringent quality control parameters based on clinical laboratory standards along with automated sample handling enable us to provide high quality, reliable data.

Turn-Around Time

Most projects are completed within 2 weeks of sample acceptance, much faster than services that rely on less robust or non-automated technology platforms.

No other solution better addresses the demands of clinical and research studies that require both high density of information generated per sample and high-throughput sample analysis. RBM’s services are specifically designed for studies requiring both high-throughput sample processing and measurement of up to hundreds of proteins.

What Sets our Services Apart?

RBM's experts have built a platform optimized to help researchers discover and validate biomarker patterns for use in their drug and diagnostic development efforts.

  • Comprehensive menu – increases the odds of identifying a pattern
  • Multiplexing capability – preserves sample volume
  • Rigorous quality standards – ensures reproducible results
  • Proprietary blockers – reduces matrix interferences
  • Industrialized platform – delivers precise, automated, and dependable processing