Cytokine Storm Testing

Cytokine Storm Testing for SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 Research

Myriad RBM is a CLIA certified laboratory providing researchers with reproducible, quantitative immunoassay data from a single drop of blood serum or plasma.

We develop and manufacture our own assays in order to control for lot-to-lot variability and minimize matrix interferences (RF factor, heterophile antibodies).


Measure 46 key inflammation markers in a cost-effective, and efficient manner from 5 validated multiplex panels covering inflammatory pathways including cytokines, chemokines, vascular proteins and acute-phase reactants. Our biomarker testing services have been used in hundreds of clinical trials and research projects and cited in over 1000 peer reviewed publications.

CORE1 (CytokineMAP®A)
2. IFN-gamma
3. IL-2
4. IL-3
5. IL-4
6. IL-5
7. IL-6
8. IL-7
9. IL-8
10. IL-10
11. IL-18
12. MIP-1 alpha
13. MIP-1 beta
14. MCP-1
15. TNF-alpha
16. TNF-beta
Core2 (CytokineMAP®B)
2. Eotaxin-1
3. Factor VII
4. ICAM-1
5. IL-1 alpha
6. IL-1 beta
7. IL-1ra
8. IL-12p40
9. IL-12p70
10. IL-17
11. IL-23
12. MMP-3
13. MMP-9
14. SCF
15. VEGF
1. Lp(a)
2. B2M
3. CRP
4. SAP
5. TBG
6. vWF
1. AAT
2. C3
3. Fibrinogen
4. Haptoglobin
5. Ig A
6. Ig M

Sample Volume Requirements - SERUM OR PLASMA: 50 µL. | Intended for research use only.

Multi-Analyte Profile (MAP) Platform

The Myriad RBM MAP platform has been built and optimized to help researchers discover and validate biomarker patterns for use in their drug and diagnostic development efforts. Robust multiplexing on the microsphere-based Luminex technology combined with automated liquid handling, delivers more data in less time than other platforms, resulting in comparable data to traditional ELISA assays.

  • High throughput multiplexing with automated liquid handling reduces sample volume requirements
  • Enhanced accuracy with use of multi-level controls, standard curves, and proprietary blockers
  • High quality and reproducibility with stringent quality control parameters for reliable data

We ensure quality for every multiplex, every analyte, every sample, every time.
The Myriad RBM platform produces precise and dependable results by utilizing automated liquid handling systems, advanced quality monitoring, validated data reporting processes, and a highly-trained and dedicated staff.

Every analyte included in Myriad RBM’s Multi-Analyte Profiles (MAPs) has its own set of calibrators and controls to provide reliable, high quality data. By continuous quality improvement, Myriad RBM ensures that customers are satisfied with the products and service they receive.


About Myriad RBM

Myriad RBM is a CLIA certified biomarker testing laboratory with over 20 years of experience internally developing and manufacturing multiplex immunoassays validated to clinical laboratory standards.

The Myriad RBM platform appropriately combines Luminex and Simoa microsphere-based immunoassays with:

Other Myriad RBM Products

CustomMAP Builder

Our CustomMAP is a flexible option to let you pick specific biomarkers for your research needs. Customize the number of multiplexes to build your CustomMAP.

Speak to a sales representative to learn more about CustomMAP options.

50 sample minimum required. Volume requirements are dependent on the number of multiplexes selected.

Ultrasensitive Immunoassays - Simoa

Looking for trace quantities of markers? Ultrasensitive immunoassays achieve orders-of-magnitude greater sensitivity than conventional immunoassay platforms for when levels of key proteins are extremely low in serum or plasma.


SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Development Application with TruCulture®

Utilized in hundreds of clinical trials for a variety of applications, TruCulture® is a whole blood collection and culture system for immune monitoring of subjects in clinical trials.

  • Detect vaccine-dependent T-cell activation (antigen recall)
  • Early safety studies of vaccines and their individual components
  • Profile a subject’s functional immune status
TruCulture Vaccine Development Application note cover page