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Application Notes

Protocols for Processing TruCulture Samples at Clinical Sites

Pharmacodynamic analysis encompasses several techniques, including protein measurements and flow cytometry analysis. TruCulture® is a whole blood collection and culturing system that is easily implemented at clinical trial sites and provides access to samples for both secreted protein and cell population analysis....

Gene Expression Analysis of RBM’s TruCulture Samples with the NanoString nCounter Panel

A recurring challenge in studying the human immune system is correlating in vitro results to in vivo responses, including modeling the complex and variable pathways of immune activation. This application note describes a protocol demonstrating the feasibility of using RBM’s TruCulture whole blood collection and culture system in conjunction with NanoString’s nCounter gene expression analysis platform....

RNA Extraction/Purification Protocol for TruCulture Samples App Note

A continued challenge in investigating human immunity is the ability to correlate in vitro data to in vivo responses. These immune-phenotyping studies are important for basic research to characterize immune activity and function, as well as for pharmacodynamics in drug development to understand drug dosing, safety, and efficacy....

Vaccine Development with TruCulture Application Note

By incorporating specific antigens and or adjuvants, we can develop and manufacture custom TruCulture tubes for vaccine clinical studies. In addition to positive and negative control tubes for T cell activation, we have a suite of viral and microbial innate immune system stimulants....

Standard Flow Cytometry Protocol for Analysis of Surface Markers for TruCulture

Analysis of pharmacodynamic immune responses from clinical samples often includes protein measurements from serum or plasma and flow cytometry analysis of cell populations....

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