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Immunoassays to Support New Neurodegenerative Therapeutics

We now offer Simoa-based, ultrasensitive immunoassays to support the development of new therapeutics with the potential to diagnose neurological disorders/injuries and monitor disease progression.


Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) Biomarkers

In collaboration with PROLIFIC, RBM has developed, optimized and highly validated Luminex based sandwich immunoassays of the 11 biomarkers to support IPF clinical trials.



Immunomonitoring Made Simple



RBM Ultrasensitive Testing Services



Smart Solutions for Your Clinical Trials

Rules-Based Medicine (RBM), a Solutions company, is a CLIA-certified immunoassay testing laboratory that solves complex drug development challenges with innovative biomarker services. RBM’s internally developed and manufactured immunoassay kits based on multi-analyte profiling (MAP) and ultrasensitive Single-Molecule Array (SimoaTM) technology, provide reproducible and quantitative data for hundreds of human proteins.

The RBM Difference

RBM brings a long history of developing, validating and manufacturing immunoassays, as well as optimized robotic operation integrated throughout the testing process. This allows us to deliver unmatched expertise and quality to clients who need pharmacodynamic protein biomarker testing in clinical trials. Our automated systems and processes deliver highly reproducible results.


Our history of developing and validating assays allows us to provide customers with unmatched expertise in the field of biomarker testing.


We have quality control measures in place for each and every step of the process, in accordance with our strict operating procedures that are standard for our assays.


All of the data we produce is inspected by automated and manual process to validate the standard curves, verify three-level controls, and double check the sample results.


Our four-step QC procedures include instrument diagnostics, calibrator curves at front and back end of each reaction plate, three levels of controls run in duplicate, and sample review.

Select from our menu of 300+ assays, including Luminex® multi-analyte profiles or ultrasensitive Simoa® assays.


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