Vectra® is the only validated multi-biomarker blood test to measure rheumatoid arthritis (RA) disease activity. It is validated for use in adults diagnosed with RA and has been studied in more than 1,700 patients from multiple cohorts1. Vectra integrates 12 key protein biomarkers into a single, objective score between 1 and 100 to classify RA disease activity. The test is performed by Myriad RBM’s sister company, Crescendo Bioscience, in their CLIA certified laboratory.


How is Vectra different from other lab tests?

Some lab tests may measure inflammation indirectly (such as erythrocyte sedimentation rate [ESR]) or measure only one biomarker of inflammation (such as C-reactive protein [CRP]) whereas Vectra measures 12 key proteins that represent multiple RA biological pathways.

Additionally, the utility of ESR and CRP is limited because they are normal in a large percentage of patients with RA2. In contrast, Vectra can frequently detect elevated disease activity even when CRP is low3.

How Can Vectra Help Support Clinical Drug Development for RA?

  • Identify RA patient populations with active disease
  • Expand pool of patients eligible for clinical trials by capturing patients excluded by conventional measures (CRP/ESR)
  • Measure changes in disease activity in response to treatment
  • Provide quantitative assessment of disease activity in longitudinal studies
  • Minimize placebo effect through use of objective measure rather than subjective clinical assessments
  • Provide response curves based on objective measure for more discrete dose/response analysis

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Vectra is validated for use in adults diagnosed with RA. Test results are intended to aid in the assessment of disease activity in RA patients when used in conjunction with standard clinical assessment. This test is not intended or validated to diagnose RA.

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