luminex multiplexing machines for biomarker testing

Prevencio, Inc. and Seattle Children’s Research Institute have collaborated to develop a blood test that is highly accurate for diagnosing Kawasaki disease. The announcement comes as distinguishing Kawasaki disease from COVID-19 has become a challenge due to their symptom similarities. Detecting Kawasaki disease in its early stages is important because it can lead to lifelong cardiovascular issues.

Prevencio has multiple revolutionary blood tests to diagnose cardiovascular disease. Myriad RBM and Prevencio have a long-standing partnership in which Myriad RBM provides protein biomarker measurements to support Prevencio research. Read Blood-Based Biomarker Test to Predict Major Cardiac Events to see how Myriad RBM’s xMAP (Multi-Analyte Profiling) technology platform was used to provide biomarker data for the HART CVE test.

In addition to a CLIA accreditation, Myriad RBM has high-quality operations, procedures, and processes to provide reproducible data, consistently. All multiplexed and ultrasensitive immunoassay services offered are developed, validated, and manufactured in house. Myriad RBM’s dedicated Project Management Team ensures biomarker data is delivered on time in order to meet clinical trial expectations.

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