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MINIMIZING Rheumatoid Factor Interference in Rules-Based Medicine’s, a Q2 Solutions Company (formerly Myriad RBM) Biomarker Assays


biomarker assays minimizing rheumatoid factor interferenceThe reduction or elimination of non-specific sources of interfering signals is a critical component of any clinical study relying on the measurement of biomarkers using immunoassays. Interference often arises from heterophile antibodies – antibodies which are relatively non-specific and exhibit broad reactivities for multiple molecules – leading to a higher probability of crossreactivity in immunoassays.


The autoantibody rheumatoid factor (RF) is a heterophile with anti-IgG properties that causes false positive measurements when cross-linking occurs between the detection antibody and the primary capture antibody. In a multiplexed scenario, the opportunity for interference through cross-linking is increased further because of the greater variety of capture and detection antibodies in close proximity.

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