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Immunomonitoring made simple



Benefits of TruCulture

  • Integrated closed sterile instant whole blood collection and culture system.

  • Standardized to ensure consistent performance across multiple users and clinical sites.

  • Reliable, easy to use, and reproducible – eliminates the need for cell manipulation.

  • Retains all blood components, granulocytes, platelets, red blood cells, soluble factors and Fc receptor expressing cells.

  • Only inexpensive heat block needed, no lab equipment nor centrifugation steps.

  • Has been successfully deployed in hundreds of clinical drug trials.

Disadvantages of Traditional PBMC

  • Separate blood collection and specialized cell culture procedures.

  • Extensive manipulation, processing, and often freezing/shipping prior to culturing.

  • Requires technical expertise with increased variability across users and clinical sites.

  • Requires CO2 incubator, biosafety cabinet, centrifuge, media, and cell culture plastics.

  • Culture procedures/conditions are difficult to standardize for clinical trial applications.

  • Open, less sterile, artificial system.

  • Poor reproducibility.


Traditional pharmacodynamic whole blood experiments are generally short in duration (2-6 hrs) as a consequence of poor culture conditions leading to premature termination of the normal physiological immune response. A longer more robust response usually provides higher sensitivity and greater relevance than short incubation times that may only lead to the release of stored pre-synthesized mediators.