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Immunomonitoring made simple



RBM provides quantitative measurement of immune related proteins from TruCulture supernatants. Whether your specific application requires a broad range or a focused set of analytes, RBM’s panels are designed to meet your needs.

TruCulture® OptiMAP is an immunoassay testing panel validated and optimized to quantify the effect of TruCulture stimulations.  It is a cost-effective test comprised of 13 biomarkers that captures the diversity of responses to microbial, viral, and T cell stimulants.

OptiMAP Biomarkers

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MAP Volume Required
OptiMAP v. 1.0 TruCulture Supernatant 100 μL

OptiMAP Design

A total of 106 immune-related biomarkers were tested on TruCulture samples taken from healthy subjects. A careful selection of the key stimulants listed below were used to monitor a wide range of immune response pathways.  From the 106 candidate biomarkers, we selected a subset of 13 assays that were useful in distinguishing responses to individual stimuli while also revealing population variances.


Microbial stimulants: LPS, IL-1β, TNF-α, BCG, HK C. albicans, HK E. coli, HK S. aureus


Viral stimulants: Poly IC, R848, IFN- α/β


T cell stimulants:  SEB, anti-CD3/CD28


Principal component analysis of 25 normal subjects each tested with 12 TruCulture stimuli and responses monitored with either 106 protein biomarkers or an optimized panel of 13 protein biomarkers. Both analyses show a similar ability to segregate responses by the various stimuli, indicating the utility and efficiency of the OptiMAP panel.

For a more comprehensive understanding of functional immune cell activity, TruCulture supernatant can be tested on any of our Human MAP products. The tubes are also compatible with flow cytometry and gene expression analysis.

Multiplex immunoassay analysis of TruCulture supernatants is conducted in our CLIA-certified testing laboratory.