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Immunomonitoring made simple



Milieu Intérieur: Personalized Immune Response Monitoring

“We hope to advance the promise of personalized medicine with functional biomarkers.”

Dr. Matthew Albert, Director of the Department of Immunology; Co-Director and Founder of the Center for Human Immunology at Institut Pasteur; Adjunct Faculty at Cochin Hospital

Applications of TruCulture in Chronic infection

“What makes our project unique is our ability to induce standardized immune responses…possible because of the reproducibility of the TruCulture system.”

Dr. Darragh Duffy, Laboratory of Dendritic Cell Biology, Department of Immunology, Institut Pasteur

Statistical Analysis and Mathematical Modeling of Data Derived from TruCulture

“[Using TruCulture] we get high quality data with very little variation.”

Pr. Magnus Fontes, Director of the International Group for Data Analysis, Institut Pasteur