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Biomarker Solutions


Biomarker Solutions

Rules-Based Medicine is proud to offer multiple platforms to support our customers in solving complex drug development challenges.
Our CLIA-certified immunoassay testing laboratory provides pharmacodynamic protein biomarker services on both the Luminex® MAP platform and Quanterix® Simoa® platforms.
Along with our innovative biomarker solutions, RBM has experienced Project Managers that provide required oversight to manage the protein biomarker testing portion of your clinical trial to deliver timely and accurate immunoassay results.


Rules-Based Medicine utilizes the Luminex® multi-analyte profile (MAP) technology for our multiplex immunoassays. This bead-based platform enables RBM to simultaneously detect and quantify up to >250 targets in a single sample. Our menu of quantitative, multiplex assays is one of the most comprehensive menus available.


These assays can help you identify biomarker patterns to increase the success of your drug development program. RBM’s approach provides investigators with a reliable platform that allows discovery, validation, and clinical use of these patterns in a cost-effective, efficient manner.
Serum and plasma are the most common sample types, but we can also analyze cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), urine, tissue culture supernatants, bronchoalveolar lavage, synovial fluid, tissue extracts, tears, and skin washings.


Unprecedented Sensitivity Backed by RBM's Immunoassay Service Quality
When levels of key protein biomarkers are extremely low in blood plasma or serum, Rules-Based Medicine can quantify such biomarkers with high precision and unprecedented sensitivity to deliver an unparalleled approach to clinical research.


RBM uses single molecule array (Simoa®) technology from Quanterix® to build ultrasensitive immunoassays in-house. This provides customers with unprecedented sensitivity backed by the high quality and responsive service of RBM.

Our Simoa-based assays are validated according to clinical laboratory standards and provide ultrasensitive measurement of biomarkers, achieving orders-of-magnitude greater sensitivity than conventional immunoassay platforms.