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Interferon lambda 1 (IFN-lambda 1)

Ultrasensitive Immunoassay


Rules-Based Medicine’s (RBM) has developed and manufactured an ultrasensitive immunoassay to interferon lambda 1 (IFNλ1) based on Simoa® bead technology. Being able to accurately quantitate sub-pg/mL levels of IFNλ1 in human serum and plasma is a valuable clinical research tool for pharmacodynamic analysis in oncology and autoimmune diseases.

IFNλ1 is also referred to as Interleukin 29 (IL-29) is a type III IFN with similar functions as type I IFNs. Type III IFNs are the first line of defense at barrier surfaces, being stimulated by microbial antigens, such as ligands for toll-like receptors (TLR) -3 and -4. The receptor for IFNλ1 is a heterodimer of IL-28Ra and IL-10R2 and can signal by Jak1 and Tyk2. Due to the specific tropism of the IFNλ1 receptor (expressed on epithelial cells keratinocytes, hepatocytes, endothelial cells, neutrophils, monocytes/macrophages, dendritic cells and T cells), the activity is more restricted than type I IFNs. IFNλ1 has direct antiviral activity due to several mechanisms, including directing towards T cell helper type 1 immunity and inducing natural killer cell activity. In contrast, IFNλ1’s effects on neutrophils are largely anti-inflammatory through inhibition of degranulation and NET formation.

In oncology, IFNλ1 has anti-tumor cell activity against many types of cancer, by inducing apoptotic and proliferation mechanisms. In autoimmune diseases, IFNλ1 is elevated in serum in rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Sjogren’s, and inflammatory bowel disease. Serum levels often correlate with disease activity and/or severity, suggesting that IFNλ1 maybe a biomarker to monitor disease in response to treatment regimens.


Swiss-Prot Accession Number: Q8IU54

Alternate names for this biomarker include:

Cytokine Zcyto21, Interleukin-29, IL-29

Simoa™ Services
Biomarker LLOQ*
(Serum and Plasma)
(Undiluted Samples)
Volume Required
Serum or plasma Other fluids**
Interferon lambda 1 (IFN-lambda 1) 0.090 pg/mL 0.0225 pg/mL 100 µL 150 µL

* Lower limit of quantitation (LLOQ) represents the lowest amount of an analyte that can be quantitatively determined with acceptable precision. LLOQ is determined by performing 2-fold serial dilutions of Standard to be tested in triplicate over three runs. The percent coefficient of variation (CV) is calculated for each of the dilution replicates, and the LLOQ is determined as the concentration at which the CV is 30%.

** Cerebrospinal fluid, urine, tissue culture supernatants,  bronchoalveolar lavage, synovial fluid, tissue extracts, tears, skin washings, etc.

All assay services are performed in our CLIA-certified laboratory.
Intended for Research Use Only.