Vaccine Development Applications

Utilized in hundreds of clinical trials for a variety of applications, TruCulture® is a whole blood collection and culture system for immune monitoring of subjects in clinical trials.

  • Detect vaccine-dependent T cell activation (antigen recall)
  • Early safety studies of vaccines and their individual components
  • Profile the functional immune status of clinical trial participants

By incorporating specific antigens and or adjuvants, we can develop and manufacture custom TruCulture tubes for vaccine clinical studies. In addition to positive and negative control tubes for T cell activation, we have a suite of viral and microbial innate immune system stimulants.

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How TruCulture Works

TruCulture tubes are pre-loaded with cell culture media and immune stimulant(s) or drug candidates. Blood is drawn directly into the TruCulture tube and incubated in a dry heat block. Supernatants are collected by simply inserting a valve separator to separate cells from the culture supernatant.

TruCulture Procedure, Collect


Draw 1 mL of blood directly into the TruCulture Tube and break off the plunger.

TruCulture Procedure, MIX

02. MIX

Gently invert tube to mix 3 to 5 times.

TruCulture Procedure, Incubate


Place tube in 37ºC heat block for up to 24 or 48 hours.

TruCulture Procedure, separate


Manually insert valve to separate supernatant from the cells. Collect supernatant and cell layer for downstream analysis.

Learn why TruCulture Whole Blood Culture System is a more relevant model of human leukocyte function than the traditional method of cultured PBMCs.