“Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler.”

~ Albert Einstein

TruCulture® Blood Collection and Whole Blood Culture System (RUO)*

The TruCulture System is designed to capture immune cell activity without introducing sample collection and manipulation variables. The system employs a single, self-contained tube for whole blood collection and culture.


TruCulture has been utilized as a whole-blood stimulation system by researchers and drug developers in several fields to reliably measure immune response for the following applications.

  • Pharmacodynamics (including dose response)
  • Functional immune cell analysis
  • Disease characterization
  • Patient stratification
  • Genotype – to – Phenotype association studies

Talk to a Scientist about Using TruCulture in Your Research

TruCulture Webinars

These online seminars will provide an overview of research published in the journal Immunity that demonstrates progress in the standardization of assays for personalized immune response monitoring.