Sam LaBrie, VP Corporate Development

Samuel T. LaBrie, Ph.D.

About Samuel T. LaBrie, Ph.D.

Vice President, Lab Operations

Dr. LaBrie joined Rules-Based Medicine in May 2007. He previously served as Senior Manager of Business Development for Sigma-Aldrich, where he was responsible for strategic reviews, licensing, acquisition, and equity investment projects. Dr. LaBrie led the Sigma investments in Cyntellect and Panomics. He was the Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder of an antibody microarray company, ProteoPlex, which was acquired by EMD Biosciences. From 1996 to 2001, he worked for Incyte Genomics in various management and research positions as Incyte grew from 150 to 1,600 employees. Dr. LaBrie received his PhD in Biology from the University of California, San Diego.