Protein DJ-1 (DJ-1)

Protein DJ-1 is a highly conserved 20kDa protein and a member of the ThiJ/Pfp1/DJ-1 superfamily. It has a number of cellular functions centering on its ability to protect cells from oxidative stress and death. It stimulates cell growth, has transforming activity, and protects cells from hydrogen peroxide-induced cell death. It exists as a homodimer and is localized to the cytoplasm. It translocates to the mitochondria and nucleus in response to oxidative stress and may function as a redox-sensitive chaperone and anti-oxidant protein. Mutations in DJ-1 have been associated with a rare form of heritable Parkinson's disease. Reports indicate that DJ-1 can be secreted into the serum or plasma of patients with breast cancer, melanoma, stroke, and the neurodegenerative disease familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy. Serum levels of DJ-1 are elevated in individuals with pancreatic cancer and may serve as a prognostic indicator with the highest levels correlating with shorter survival times.

Swiss-Prot Accession Number: Q99497