Periostin (Periostin)

Periostin is a secreted extracellular matrix protein comprised of four fasciclin domains that promote cellular adhesion and movement, as well as collagen fibrillogenesis. Periostin expression is specifically induced in areas of tissue injury or areas with ongoing cellular re-organization. It is preferentially expressed in the periosteum and periodontal ligaments where it is a critical regulator of bone and tooth formation and maintenance. It is induced in the ventricles following myocardial infarction, or generalized cardiomyopathy. Recent clinical evidence has revealed the role of Periostin in the development of various tumors. Periostin interacts with multiple cell-surface receptors, most notably intergrins, stimulating metastatic growth by promoting cell survival, invasion and angiogenesis.

Swiss-Prot Accession Number: Q15063

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Myriad RBM Publications Publications
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