FASLG Receptor (FAS)

FASLG (FAS) receptor, also known as APO-1 antigen, CD95, and TNFRSF6, is a 45-kd, transmembrane protein receptor that belongs to the TNF and NGF receptor family. The FASLG Receptor and its ligand (FasL) exist in both membrane-bound and soluble forms. Membrane-bound Fas is the natural ligand for soluble FasL. Apoptosis is induced when membrane-bound or soluble FasL binds to Fas receptor-bearing cells resulting in the activation of the caspase cascade. Fas is highly expressed in epithelial cells, hepatocytes, activated mature lymphocytes, tumor cells, as well as throughout the CNS. Expression of FASLG and FasL is significantly elevated in a variety of neurological disorders, suggesting that this system may play a role in degenerative responses in the CNS.

Swiss-Prot Accession Number: P25445

Therapy Indications
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