Accurately measure pharmacodynamic protein biomarkers to support decisions in clinical trials.

Data generated in our CLIA certified laboratory can:

  • Identify and validate biomarkers
  • Monitor drug effects on key pathways
  • Guide dose selection
  • Aid in measuring efficacy

Testing services are facilitated by a project management team experienced in supporting clinical trials and drug development programs. Myriad RBM’s Multi-Analyte Profile (MAP) and Simoa platforms provide investigators with reliable results that allow discovery, validation, and clinical use of pharmacodynamic biomarkers in a cost-effective, efficient manner.

Myriad RBM provides industry-leading protein biomarker products and services based on our Multi-Analyte Profile (MAP) platform.
Use our products and services to advance your research, drug and diagnostic development projects.

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Learn about our assay validation from the QC white paper: An Overview of Assay Quality Systems at Myriad RBM®

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