Hello, I’m Ralph McDade, Strategic Development Officer for Rules-Based Medicine. I bring important news about exciting changes here at RBM. As you may have already heard, Rules-Based Medicine is merging with Myriad Genetics of Salt Lake City, the industry leader in molecular and companion diagnostics. The trust and loyalty that RBM has built with all of you is a critical part of our success and this is why I wanted to take the time to address some questions you are likely to have about this transaction and transition.

The day-to-day operation of our lab, sample handling, testing and reporting will continue – it’s business as usual. We intend for this transition to be seamless. We will continue to receive samples and process them here at our CLIA certified lab in Austin. Operations, reporting, sales, and quality control will continue to provide you with the exceptional data and quality service you have come to expect from RBM. All studies and projects will remain on schedule whether they are for 10 samples with data expected next week or for thousands of samples in a long-term study lasting years. RBM continues to be your partner for innovative biomarker solutions.

As medical science moves toward the era of personalized medicine, we believe that a combination of genomics and proteomics will make both companion diagnostics as well as more effective treatments a reality. The complimentary offerings of Myriad Genetics and Rules-Based Medicine, provides us a unique opportunity to offer you the tools you need to achieve significant progress toward a successful drug therapy program.

From all of us at RBM, thank you for your time. We look forward to your continued trust, collaboration and business.

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