Multiplex + Ultrasensitive Immunoassay Testing Services with Comprehensive Support Services

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• Rules-Based Medicine Operational Procedures
• Quality Control Systems
• Project Management Services Overview
• Rules-Based Medicine Results Processing
• Multiplex Assay Development with xMAP® Technology
• Ultrasensitive Immunoassay Development with Simoa™ Technology

Rules-Based Medicine (RBM) a Q2 Solutions Company is the world’s leading multiplexed and ultrasensitive immunoassay testing laboratory that solves complex pharmacodynamic challenges with innovative biomarker testing services. All assays are internally developed, manufactured and validated for testing clinical samples under rigorous QC criteria in our CLIA certified lab.

Project Management

RBM’s project management service ensures high-quality biomarker data is delivered on time to meet clinical trial requirements.
A dedicated and experienced Project Manager will work on behalf of the client to guide the project from start to finish. At each stage of the project, the Project Manager will ensure milestones are met, coordinate any changes during the project, and manage project documents. Unlike the large Central Labs, your dedicated project manager will be with you throughout a multi-year clinical trial.

Results Report and Data Management

In support of RBM’s biomarker services, data reports are provided in either standard or customized formats to support your specific study needs. All standard reports are transferred via secure email. Customized data formats and file delivery options can be modified according to customer requests.

RBM supports testing using two platforms

Multiplexed Multi Analyte Profile (MAP) platform

• Measure dozens to 100s of proteins simultaneously
• Menu of 250+ immunoassays spread across 50+ validated multiplexes
• Run selected markers in parallel using a unique liquid handling platform, allowing us to process dozens of multiplexes at the same time.

Simoa platform

• Measure proteins with ultrahigh sensitive assays designed to quantify proteins found at low abundance
• Select from a menu of 40+ ultrasensitive immunoassays
• 10-1000 times more sensitive than ELISA or MAP assays