Myriad RBM

Standardized Immuno-Monitoring Study

a Myriad RBM® and Milieu Interieur Workshop

Featuring data comparing results of immune stimulation in the TruCulture system vs. traditional PBMC (peripheral blood mononuclear cell) cultures.

  • TruCulture, a whole blood collection and culture tube for standardized immunophenotyping procedures. Dr. Sam La Brie, Myriad RBM, Austin
  • A standardized whole blood stimulation system for the reproducible study of induced immune responses in multi-centre studies. Dr. Darragh Duffy, Institut Pasteur, Paris
  • Utilizing TruCulture in a population based study to identify the genetic determinants of transcriptomic immune responses. Dr. Matthew Albert, Genentech, San Francisco & Institut Pasteur, Paris
  • Novel analytical and data visualization approaches for multi-omics analysis of whole blood induced immune responses. Dr. Vincent Rouilly, Institut Pasteur, Paris
Learn more about the Milieu Interieur Project, a population-based study that aims to identify the genetic and environmental determinants of immune phenotype variance and establish a path towards personalized medicine.
Standardized Assays for Personalized Immune Response Monitoring

This online seminar provides an overview of research published in Immunity that demonstrates progress in the standardization of assays for personalized immune response monitoring.